Furiosa Ending Explained & Spoilers: What Happened to Dementus? (2024)

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Here’s the Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga ending explained featuring spoilers about what happened in the movie. Dive into our breakdown and learn about the fate of Furiosa and whether Dementus dies for real.

What happened at the end of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga?

Looking through the spoilers, Furiosa ends exactly where Mad Max: Fury Road begins. The third act of the movie saw Furiosa and Praetorian Jack trying to make a break for her home of green abundance. After their valiant efforts at the Bullet Farm, they almost manage to escape Dementus, but the latter catches up to them in his massive monster truck.

As he tries to crush them, Furiosa’s arm gets mangled and she gets caught along with Jack. She is tied up with the same arm and made to watch Jack get tortured by Dementus’ men and dogs. With Jack being dragged around for hours and eaten by dogs, he presumably dies, while Furiosa cuts off her mangled arm to escape in the dusty mist.

She manages to get a lead on Dementus and ends up at the Citadel, where she warns Immortan Joe about Dementus’ plan to take over. Her intel allowed Joe to outsmart Chris Hemsworth’s antagonist. He made the latter think that he was headed to Gastown. However, Joe and his sons met Dementus head-on in a war of the wasteland that lasted 40 days.

Meanwhile, Furiosa got the time to heal and build herself an iconic mechanical prosthetic arm. She arrived into battle towards its end, only to find out that Dementus’ forces had lost, and he had fled. Stealing Scrotus’ war wagon, she hunted down the big bad and made him pay.

In their final confrontation, Dementus revealed his backstory. He explained how his family also suffered a similar injustice to Furiosa, which killed him from within and turned him into Dark Dementus. But Furiosa avenged her mother and her lover, Jack, by sealing Dementus’ fate.

It turned her into the legendary Imperator Furiosa, and the movie ended by leading directly into the events of Fury Road, where Furiosa helps the brides of Immortan Joe escape, and then returns to take over the Citadel. A recap montage of Fury Road is showcased before the final credits begin to roll.

Does Dementus really die in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga?

Towards the end, The History Man revealed a few legends that people believed about how Dementus died at the hands of Furiosa. Some thought that she gave him an easy death by shooting him in the head during their desert confrontation. Others presumed that she dragged him through the desert similar to how he tortured Jack. Another assumption was that she hung him by a tree and left him for the dead just as he did to her mother.

But, she once revealed the truth about Dementus’ fate to The History Man. If his legend is to be believed, the villain was smuggled back to the Citadel, and the peach seed that Furiosa got from her mother and carried for over 15 years was planted in his flesh. It grew through his body over the years, leaving no means for him to escape despair and loneliness.

By doing this, she was able to punish Dementus by stripping him of all the glory that he longed for. But at the same time, he also got a chance to redeem himself by doing what he never could.

All he did throughout his adult life was take things with greed and kill for fun. But, by turning into a tree, he was able to give back and nurture life, as his tree even bore fruit. He was alive towards the end of Furiosa but would eventually die of old age.

With this ending, hate dies and hope grows!

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Furiosa Ending Explained & Spoilers: What Happened to Dementus? (2024)
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