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He is part of a special involving Desnarak in the Land of the Dead. Desnarak I is one of his predecessors as the king of the Bugnarak and tried to assert dominance in the Land of the Dead. He also challenges Desnarak after his own death, disgusted that Desnarak showed weakness by considering making peace with the heroes.

He had Desnarak on the ropes until Nephila and Daigorg came to his aid, Nephila for wanting to bury the hatchet and Daigorg for his loyalty. They defeated Karasnarak and knocked him into the abyss of Hakabaka. It would take him eons to find his way out.

Instead of an Earthworm like his descendant, he is themed after a megadrile, the largest worm on earth.


He was the main villain of the Final Live Tour stage show, but he is reworked here as a villain for a different special. He also is reworked to have the theme of a bombardment beetle, and is able to use a variety of explosives, incendiary or chemical, including a fear gas that can cripple others with terror.

He is one of the few living Bugnarak left who hadn't aligned with Jeramie after he took over and would hence align with the Galactinsects.

He is part of Rcules' second special as the main antagonist, for his transition from OhkuwagataOhger to GoliathOhger. It is of course GoliathOhger who destroys him in the end.


A minor worm-themed Bugnarak nobleman who is distantly related to the royal family, but his bloodline is thin enough to only earn him the rank of count. Not taken seriously, he left Terra eons ago, and traveled to Earth in order to prove his mettle and make it as a supervillain.

To no success, as he is often thwarted by the antics of the Yoshimaizers, especially Jinx, who has given him the nickname 'Count Cheese 'n Ham' because she thought he was so cheesy and hammy. And that's what everyone calls him now instead of his birth name, including his minions. He has given up trying to have people call him by his birth name.

While a skilled inventor in his own right, creating a variety of doomsday devices and weapons, he doesn't always think things through or gets so riled up by Jinx' antics they tend to backfire. He is rarely a threat.

Despite his claims of wanting to become a supervillain he is not as evil as he claims to be. He has been seen repairing a toy of a lost kid and buying them ice cream afterwards, he actually has a legitimate business in technology that gives to charity and when not fighting the Yoshimaizers, he has been seen hanging out with them. He denies he is any good, saying he's just 'a classy, polite and honorable baddie', and not 'a mass murdering uncouth destructive psycho like ninety percent of the baddies that terrorized this planet'.

It is clear he is just a sad man who was rejected too much in his life and sought respect and acceptance, just trying to live out a failed power fantasy.

Nanafujin/ 'Fiddlesticks'

A stick bug-themed Kaijim in service of Count Cheese 'n Ham. He is a stereotypical British sounding snarky butler. He is quite polite to everyone he meets. He has been a father figure to Count Chezhamarak and basically raised him, so the Count treats his butler with the utmost respect.

He rarely fights but when he does he is shown to be actually quite capable and is considered a greater threat than his master. Luckily his pleasant demeanor and him being happy with his job and lot in life prevents him from living up to that.

His original name was Nanafujin (from 'nanafushi', Japanese for stick bug), but he is given the nickname Fiddlesticks by Jinx, which he has taken a liking to. He tends to serve tea and snacks even to enemies and in the middle of battle, said tea and snacks being universally loved.





Kamejim Unka

Goma Rosalia

Hilbil Leech

Minongan Moth

His powers were weirdly defined in the show, hence I have him as Dadged's backup as his special ability aside from his brute force, but his power over time is instead given to other characters.

In his final moments he is still frozen, but Rita in her Ryouga Issen freezes him so thoroughly he is frozen up to the cellular level that he can't ever recover from. Once frozen, he crumbles into a pile of snow, marking his end, no loose end, no weird ambiguity, and no plot hole in the Kyoryuger crossover.

Glodi Leucodium


In this universe they do have monsters of the week which the five Jesters lead. They are involved in the plot and share their roles in some of their schemes.

Abura Oriental

An electrokinetic Orient Hornet-themed Galactinsect who serves Hilbil Leech and is her bodyguard when the heroes first faced her in N'kosopa. He is destroyed by Tonbo Ohger Ryouga Issen and later Legend King-Ohja.

Terpa Colognat

A mosquito Galactinsect whom is able to drain the negativity from others, hence temporarily reversing the morality of people. She was involved with Goma Rosalia's scheme for Gokkan. Destroyed by Papillon Ohger in her Ryouga Issen and later by Legend King-Ohja.

Tempus Dahlica

A bagworm Galactinsect under Minongan. She is themed after a full grown bagwom butterfly as opposed to Minongan being a larva. She has been given the power to age people and beings up or down.

She is destroyed by the new and improved Ryouga Issen-wielding HachiOhger and then Caucasus.

Bellugis Artika

A flightless midge-themed Galactinsect that helped Kamejim find where Grodi was frozen. After the KingOhger kicked him around, a thankless Grodi killed him because he was 'boring him'.

Kurorachne Mibogeena

A Galactinsect under Kamejim who provided the poison the necromancer used on Hymeno's people, and the latter was able to find an antidote for. Destroyed by Ryouga Issen KamakiriOhger and later Legend King-Ohja.

Arioli Maximus

A banana slug Galactinsect serving under Grodi and Iroki (until her true allegiance is revealed). He doesn't think much and takes orders and acts them out, too literally sometimes, to Grodi and Iroki's dismay. Destroyed by HachiOhger in his Ryouga Issen.

Ruve Kissassin

An assassin bug-themed Galactinsect who tried to act on her own, trying to avenge her master and crush Goma Rosalia by killing Rcules, whose trickery ended up resulting in Goma's death. She ends up destroyed by the Husty brothers and afterwards by Ohking-Ohja.

Tsukku Esprit

A maggot-themed Galactinsect under Grodi. While Grodi revives people physically, Tsukku brings forth spirits, or at least spirit-like projections of the loved ones people miss the most. After tormenting Jeramie with a fake Nephila's spirit after having the undead Nephila put down a few episodes earlier, Jeramie of course decides to deliver a brutal beatdown in his Ryouga Issen form to take him out. He would later be destroyed when giant sized by Tarantula Knight.

Prozis Giraffa

A powerful Giraffa Beetle Galacinsect which tried to prevent the creation of a vessel for the Queen Mother ShuGod. He would be the first to be destroyed by Megami Oojo Hasami.

Dangan Parapon

A happy go lucky bullet ant-themed sniper Galactinsect. Destroyed by the King Ohgers and then by Megami Oojo Hasami and Legend King Ohger.

Lumil Hashu

A horseshoe crab-themed Galactinsect left behind by Dagded to help Apprentice Creator Clandest (Devious' apprentice) recreate the Deboth Army.

He and Clandest were confronted in space by Daigo and Utchy, who with the help of Pyri (Utchy's new girlfriend and a warrior who discovered her own form of Brave) defeated both villains. He grew by drinking a serum Clandest made, but was destroyed by Plezu-Oh and Pteraiden-Oh.

Space Fleas

Original new footsoldiers of the Galactinsect, themed after fleas.


Kabutoshin Deboth

Debo Senking



An alien organization who, inspired by the Desire Grand Prix, brings deadly games across the universe with the promise of wishes. They are the main antagonists of the Geats/King Ohger crossover

The Cosmic Game Master

A cosmic deity with power similar to Dagded but not as powerfu, though still pretty strong as, under his own power, he created the Galaxy Grand Prix. He normally appears human, but can assume a monstrous millipede-themed fighting form.

However, he was unaware the King Ohgers' weapons had been turned into Godkillers and when they were able to confront him they cut him down. He barely survives by consuming a ShuGod Soul but ends up destroyed by God King Ohja, helped by a giant Boostriker.


The Cosmic Game Master's counterpart to the Jyamato, though they are themed after fungus and mushrooms instead of normal plants. They act as his foot soldiers and obstacles in their game, and fade from existence upon his master's death.

Jyahoshi Rider

A Jyahoshi who is able to turn into a Rider and is the champion of the Cosmic Craftsman.

He uses a modified Desire Driver, Jyahoshi Core ID, and Ant Buckle to transform. He ends up cut down by Kamen Riders Geats, Nago, Tycoon, Buffa, Punkjack, and Usagi.



An evil organization that LegendOhger fights on her native homeworld of Aqua.


The Queen and leader of the Deep Six. She appears as a mass of protozoa that takes on a giant humanoid form to speak against her underlings. She is destroyed by Extreme King-Ohja and Legend-Ohja.


Two of Zoa's generals, brother and sister. They appear human and have the ability to transform into evil Sentai Rangers. They are destroyed by the combined efforts of the KingOhgers and LegendOhger.

They are able to turn into evil (or former evil) Sentai Rangers. They turned into DragonRanger and Abarekiller, NeziRed and NeziYellow, Neo Dekared and Neo DekaYellow, Blue Iris and Orange Lily from the Hanarangers, Dark Buster and Deathryuger, Don Murasame (future) and Transformed Sonoshi, HurricaneDark and Dark Akaninger, Hakaizer and Hebitsukai Metal, Gaisoul and Wolzard and finally Gedou Shinkenred and Enter Beet Buster.

Their names are Japanese for 'ebb and flow'.




Instead of Utchy/Kyoryu Gold messing up the timeline, the version of Evil King Gira we see in the reworked King-Ohger vs Kyoryuger is from an alternate universe. It was Causus Husty who fed Gira more than one ShuGod soul. He managed to overthrow Dagded, take his power for his own as well as leadership of the Galactinsects and the Deboth Army, and conquered his versions of Earth and Terra, now having set his sights on the main universe.

Due to being a powerful deity from taking his Dagded's power, he grabbed the attention of God Queen Kyoryu Pink, who gathered the Kyoryugers and King-Ohgers to fight him. She even granted the power-up Gira needed to stand a chance against him in battle.

In the end he is destroyed by KuwagataOhger, King Kyoryu Red, and Kyoryu Red. However, Amy used her power to revive the alternate Gira as a young boy from before his corruption. He is taken in by his native version of Rcules, who is happy to get a second chance with the little brother that was taken from him. The alternate Rcules became the KuwagataOhger of his native universe, and vowed to build a team to protect his native universe from future threats.


In this universe he is not a stage show villain but the villain of the Donsisters vs King-Ohger crossover. He is still Enma, though he hails from Hakabaka, the underworld of Terra instead of Earth, and he has been trying to usurp it from Reinol Husty.

In his life he was a power hungry warrior who had tried to become a ling. He had challenged the ancestors/predecessors of the King-Ohgers for their thrones, but was driven off by them each time, though he didn't make it easy. He died without fulfilling his ambition. For centuries, his resentment grew in the afterlife until he was able to become a Hitotsuki. This caused Don Momohime to have a nightmare about him, and the Donsisters to travel to Terra to seek him out and defeat him.

Approaching the King-Ohgers and recreating the means to enter the land of the dead, like the King-Ohgers did in their movie, they confronted him in the underworld.

He fought both teams, and after fighting Don Momohime, Sonoi and Kuwaga Ohger, was destroyed by the combined finishers of both teams.

He gets to grow giant but is defeated by Toradora Onitaijin and Ultimate King-Ohja.


A France Five, Power Rangers Dino Force Brave, Hanaranger (from Kakuranger) and High School Heroes-themed Hitotsuki.

They are not only replacing Tabizuki, Pasokonki, Kijinoki and Balloonki from the stage shows, they also show up as henchmen of Enma/Avatarki in the King-Ohger crossover. They are souls of the damned that Enma helped transform into Hitotsuki after he transformed himself to act as his enforcers.

Franceki is defeated by Papillon Ohger, Kamakiri Ohger, Onisister, and Kijibrother.

Dinoforcebraveki is defeated by Tonbo Ohger, Hachi Ohger, Inu Sister, and Saru Sister.

Hanaki is defeated by the Noto Trio And Ohkuwagata Ohger.

Finally, Haisuruki is defeated by Don Doragoku, Lady Torabolt, Murasame and Spider Kumonos.


An Alienizer who comes to Terra, which results in the reworked version of the Dekaranger crossover. He replaces the randomly revived Kaijim.


A Starfish Kaijim who left the Bugnarak to become an Alienizer and partner of Erosian Phermos. They want to use biological warfare (in this case, using pheromones) to make the people of Terra love them and appoint them rulers. After Super Robo, King-Ohja and Tarantula Knight kick their mecha around, she and her partner are deleted by the Dekarangers and KingOhgers.


Villain of the Abaranger crossover. A single berry from the Tree of Life survived, which was used by the Evorien to create monsters long ago. It had been found by Erosian Phermos and Terrian Stella and brought along to Terra but they were unable to use it.

The berry got zapped by excess energy from the mecha fight, sparking the berry to life. It drew elements from each of the six kingdoms into itself to become the second Hexanoid.

His components include a ShuGod Soul from Bugnarak, a sword from Shugodam, a computer from N'Kosopa, a doctor's uniform from Ishibana, grain from Toufu, and a Moffun Doll from Goukan.

His head is a big ShuGod Soul with a prehistoric ant inside, his left arm is a large yeti-like arm attached to a small Moffun body that forms his shoulder and the other arm around his neck for grip, a long white coat with medical symbols on it, legs with wooden armor where grain is protruding from his right arm, and a mashup of computers and mechanical parts. His body is a metallic knight armor under the coat and he wields an OhgerCaliber-like sword without the levers as a main weapon.

Due to what he is composed of he can summon SemishuGods, use sword techniques similar to the King-Ohgers, heal himself with his doctor powers, summon bales of grain large enough to pin down opponents, make rapid calculations with his computer to analyze attacks and use his Moffun power to create snow and ice.

He was so strong the King-Ohgers and Abarangers had to work together to destroy him. He could bypass the fact that he was a Hexanoid and cannot grow upon defeat with the fact part of his makeup is a ShuGod Soul, which the villains can use to grow. Giant sized, he was destroyed by God King-Ohja and OOAbarenoh.

Kivaverse: World of Tokusatsu (New) - Chapter 58 - KivatheDCWizard (2024)
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