NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (2024)

Slashing, dribbling, shooting, playmaking, stealing, and speed; there are too many things that the point guard has to do and not enough points to do all of them well. Point guards will need to choose what to specialize in and what to abandon very carefully or try to balance everything and be average in every way.

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This build is excellent, but preference and team composition must also be considered. No player is going to have success with a build that doesn't feel right in NBA 2K23. Feel free to take this guide and adjust it based on these factors or throw it out entirely if wanting to go at a different angle.

Body Settings

NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (1)







This build will capitalize on slashing, passing, and locking down the opposing point guard. Although 6'5" sounds large for a guard, the speed is not sacrificed. To get any faster, players will have to go shorter and they will be prone to getting stuffed, especially by somebody using this same build.

Note the potential to get any incredible finishing badges that players want. Those who want to go for a dunker build can use these same body settings and invest more into verticality and driving dunks while backing off substantially on defense.

Attribute Potential

NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (2)

Close Shot


Driving Layup


Driving Dunk


Standing Dunk


Post Control


Mid-Range Shot


Three-Point Shot


Free Throw


Pass Accuracy


Ball Handle


Speed With Ball


Interior Defense


Perimeter Defense






Offensive Rebound


Defensive Rebound












The only real bad news here is that the attributes aren't ideal for snagging any of the fantastic shooting badges. To do so means sacrificing either playmaking or defense, neither of which is a good idea for point guards to give up. Thankfully, they're not inept at scoring as slashing can be picked up at a discount.

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The speed is so fast that players don't need high finishing attributes because they'll be getting mostly open looks at the basket. If help comes in to help, pass to the newly opened man with the elite passing ability of this build and score a free assist. The defense here will prevent both slashers and shooters from scoring with some help from the badges.


NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (3)


Slithery (Gold), Fearless Finisher (Gold)




Floor General (Hall of Fame), Bail Out (Gold), Clamp Breaker (Gold), Needle Threader (Gold), Unpluckable (Gold)


Clamps (Hall of Fame), Pick Dodger (Hall of Fame)

The badges are where this build really capitalizes. All but the best defenders will be helpless to stop this build from driving past them and scoring. If the opposing point guard has gone all in on defense, this build still won't miss a beat and can pass around them with ease.

The playmaking badges largely speak for themselves. Dimer only gives a boost to wide-open defenders this year who are already going to make their shots, so pass on it. Every team should have one player with a Hall of Fame Floor General badge, the point guard should be the one to pick it up.

Although there are only two defense/rebounding badges, they are two of the best defense/rebounding badges in the game for guards. These two alone will ensure that all picks are completely useless and nobody can pass the point guard. It's nothing flashy in terms of turnovers, but it holds the opposing guard to zero points barring player error.


NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (4)

Primary Takeover


Secondary Takeover


Of the three badge choices, don't feel bad about passing up on Lockdown Defender. While that badge works for some builds, the point guard with this build should not be going for blocks and steals. The defense and badges are high enough that simply staying in front of the opponent will halt their ability to score.

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The two that are taken are then somewhat self-explanatory. For great defenders, the Slasher takeover will finally allow this build to get by them, especially considering the speed invested into it. Playmaker will make great use of those premium playmaking badges and give a boost to teammates who might be struggling to keep up.

Best Team To Play For

NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (5)

There are a few teams that contend for the best team for point guards to join. When choosing a team, try to find one where the starting player at the point guard position is ranked at a sub-80 while the rest of the team is solid, mostly 80s or 90s.

Both teams in Los Angeles have elite forwards with a problem at point guard. The Clippers have a slight edge because the two forwards there are also incredible at perimeter shooting. Since this build focuses on scoring from the inside, that can lead to the perfect bail out pass to an open Paul George or Kawhi Leonard waiting at the arc.

NBA 2K23 is available now for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

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NBA 2K23: Best Point Guard Build (2024)
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