The Villain Who Became Pregnant With The Alpha’s Child - Chapter 45 - System707 (2024)

Chapter 45

“Do you like it when I pick you up?”


To Kang Ha-Joon’s question, Ha-Neul answered by touching the cushion doll hanging from the seat belt. The child’s voice was loud and lively as if he was really excited.


Kang Ha-Joon also felt better because Ha-Neul seemed to like him. He touched the bandaid that Ha-Neul had hand-picked this morning and got into the driver’s seat.

“Should I pick you up next time?”

“Yes, uncle!”

He answered loudly.

“Do you prefer that I pick you up? Rather than riding the school bus?”

When Kang Ha-Joon asked this, Ha-Neul could first tilt his head for a moment as if he was thinking.

“Riding the school bus is also good.”


“Yes, but I wanted to show to everyone that I have someone else too.”

“Whenever I pick you up?”

Ha-Neul nodded. Kang Ha-Joon’s heart became heavy when he saw that innocent face. In the meantime, Ha-Neul is okay to go on the kindergarten bus, but he seemed to want his parents to come to pick him up like other children.

“Your uncle will often come to pick you up.”

“Really? But you don’t have to come if you’re busy. I’m fine with riding the bus.”

Kang Ha-Joon was unable to speak up at the sight of a 5-year-old who spoke too adultly.

“That…… But uncle…….”

“Thank you.”

Before Kang Ha-Joon’s words were over, Ha-Neul answered right away.

“I’ll brag to my teacher again.”

He held Kang Ha-Joon’s hand and came out shaking it back and forth. Ha-Neul never hated Kang Ha-Joon. On the other hand, Kang Ha-Joon thought if Ha-Neul would be happy, he’d pick him up from school as much as he wanted to.

“Then let’s go home.”

Today, the two of them can wait for Eun-Yul.

“Shall we cook for your dad?”

“Well…… That’s a good idea too.”

Kang Ha-Joon replied, contemplating what dishes Ha-Neul could cook. He wanted to listen to everything Ha-Neul wanted to do as much as possible. They do not have to do all of them but if He-Neul said he wanted to, he’d try. He wants to cook together with him too after all.

“Then what should I make?”

“Well…… A salad.”

When Kang Ha-Joon looked at Ha-Neul through the rear-view mirror, the child raised his index finger and looked excited. “I often make salad with my dad. We put in the fruits and vegetables that we wanted to put in.Then he put his hands around his mouth and whispered quietly: You can add meat.”

It’s okay to put meat in the salad, so it is such a small story. Kang Han-Joon, however, smiled happily when he saw Ha-Neul whispering.

“Yes. Let’s put meat in it.”


Ha-Neul shook his hips and hugged the cushion doll in his arms.

“Today is a really exciting day.”

Kang Han-Joon also felt that today was good because Ha₱Neul thought so too.



It was time for Eun-Yul, who had just finished his dinner business, to see off his last customer. Eun-Yul, who found Nam Goong-Hyuk standing idly before turning around, agonized for a moment.

“Why did you come all the way here again?”

It was too late to come to eat, but it didn’t seem like he had anything else to do.

Eun-Yul, who was thinking about ignoring and closing the door, kicked his tongue and approached Nam Goong-Hyuk.

“What are you thinking about?”

Looking at the sign of Sooni’s hangover soup, Nam Goong Hyuk’s eyes slowly fell. It seemed to be the case indeed. The eyes stopped precisely toward the silver lining and soon a heavy voice rang.


Eun-Yul, who was orthodoxly blinded with Nam Goong-Hyuk, couldn’t move as if he was caught up in an invisible net.

‘What is it?’

He was not the usual Nam Goong-Hyuk. He approached him with a light attitude even when he was asked to pay off his debt. When he was rushing, he reacted with an embarrassing and distinctive grumpy atmosphere…… For the first time, it felt like he was facing Nam Goong-Hyuk’s serious face.

But the answer with that serious face is him.

“I was thinking of you.”

In Nam Goong-Hyuk’s sinking voice, Eun-Yul narrowed his eyes and expressed his dissatisfaction with him.

“You’ve come this far, so of course you were thinking about me, but why?”

Eun-Yul reacted harder as Nam Goong-Hyuk was serious. He didn’t want to accept how he came out very discouraged or sincerely.

“I know. No wonder I’m thinking of you.”

“You don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again.”

“Repeat What do I have to say to repeat it? Come into my Korean restaurant as a chef.”

It’s the sentence he kept on hearing from him. By now, Eun-Yul already knows how this conversation will play out. He crossed his arms over his chest and stared at him.

“I don’t know what to do next. This will be just a repeat of the last time. Should I say it one more time?”

‘Why was he looking at me like that? He is too serious tha normal.’

“The reason why you changed…….”


It was enough words to piece it all together

“Is it because of the child?”

“Do I have to tell you that?”

Eun-Yul grumbled as if he was asking a strange question. Today, Nam Goong-Hyuk was really weird, and this explains it.

“You’re finding a way to scout me.”

When asked by Eun-Yul whether he was thinking of him and questioning the reason and cause of his change, Nam Goong-Hyuk laughed as if tearing off his lips for the first time.

“Is that how it will be?”

Nam Goong-Hyuk, who smiled a few times as if he knew because Eun-yul told him, finished with a long sigh.

Now, he is more curious about Eun-Yul’s reaction, which is not a smiling face at all. Why the hell does Nam Goong-Hyuk doing this?

“Ha-Neul is 5 years old, right?”


Eun-Yul seemed to be thinking about Nam Goong-Hyuk’s question and blurred his response. He was trying to say something, but he was asked about his son.

“Yes. Five years old…… He was so smart that he doesn’t act his age.”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

Now, Eun-Yul who had a sense of what Nam Goong-Hyuk was trying to say, showed his eyes to be on guard. On the other hand, Nam Goong-Hyuk suddenly asked the question as if he didn’t want to talk about this any longer.

“Is Ha-Neul’s other parent Kang Ha-Joon?”

Eun-Yul couldn’t say anything to Nam Goong-Hyuk’s gaze to tell the truth.

Come to think of it, he never told Nam Goong-Hyuk who Ha-Neul’s other dad was. He never even thought he should tell him.

Nam Goong-Hyuk wasn’t curious either, but what he’s saying now is…… He heard something about Ha-Neul’s other parent in some way.

Maybe he is showing that if it’s not from Eun-Yul, where would Nam Goong-Hyuk heard it.

Nam Goong-Hyuk, who accepted Eun-Yul’s silence as a positive, rang his voice as if he was frustrated.

“Is that why he had been surrounding you like that?”

Nam Goong-Hyuk nervously messed up his hair, probably because he had now pieced everything together and found out why Kang Ha-Joon was covering for him.

“Is it because you gave birth to that child?”

“That’s why I…… How do you know?”

Yes or no, such words did not come out easily. There have been conversations with Kang Ha-Joon, but it was not easy to tell all of them to Nam Goong-Hyuk here.

“If that’s the case, Kang Ha-Joon is a real idiot. I thought it was because you’ve changed, but it seems like because you had a child together.….”


Eun-Yul sharply cut off Nam Goong-Hyuk.

“You don’t have to say more.”


“This is not a matter for you to step in, so don’t bother anymore.”

“Are you going to be swayed by Kang Ha-Joon like you’re an idiot?”

“Whether I am being swayed or not, you don’t deserve to treat me like an idiot.” Eun-Yul drew a clear line toward Nam Goong-Hyuk.

“Didn’t you come to your senses because of Ha-Neul? Then the child should’ve been protected. Take a good look at how you’re going back now.”

Nam Goong-Hyuk grew excited and raised his voice.

“Kang Ha-Joon is as gentle as a domesticated beast only in front of you. However, he is a wild animal!”

Nam Goong-Hyuk has been speaking in a very strong tone, perhaps because he wanted Eun-yul to come to his senses.

“Now I feel like I’m just lying on my stomach and looking at the owner’s face, but you don’t know when he’ll change. It seems like you’re trying to take Ha-Neul, but you can live like you do now even if Ha-Neul was taken away…….”

“Shut up.”

“Hey, Eun-Yul. A person says…….”

“I said it too. This is my choice and you don’t deserve to tell me what to do.”

When Eun-Yul went beyond his vigilance and even expressed his hostility, Nam Goong-Hyuk showed an embarrassing look.

“Whether Kang Ha-Joon suddenly turns and runs in or lies face down, it’s just between me and Kang Ha-Joon. Don’t step in anymore.”

“Sung Eun-Yul.”

“This time there’s no Hyun Je-ha between the two of us. So Nam Goong-Hyuk, that means you have no reason to step in.”

Suddenly, when Hyun Je-ha was mentioned, Nam Goong-Hyuk closed his mouth, which he had opened because he was surprised. He was showing off his displeasure as if he had forgotten his intention to persuade Eun-Yul until just now.

“You can’t take my money and cut me as if you’re going to kill me again this time. Go. Don’t come anymore.”

Eun-Yul did not want to see Nam Goong-Hyuk again. The reason why Eun-Yul’s patience was cut off was that he mentioned Kang Ha-Joon and said that Kang Ha-Joon was trying to take Ha-Neul away.

How anxious he was when he knew Kang Ha-Joon would do that. He felt as if Nam Goong-Hyuk had caught his true feelings, who he did not fully trust.

“You want me to go? Do you know why I said that? Oh, you’re truly an idiot.” Nam Goong-Hyuk shouted at Eun-Yul in anger and hit the ground with his feet.

He didn’t know why Nam Goong-Hyuk felt as if he was betrayed, but Eun-Yul didn’t even look at him again.

The Villain Who Became Pregnant With The Alpha’s Child - Chapter 45 - System707 (2024)
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