Can a financial advisor have a blog? (2024)

Can a financial advisor have a blog?

As a financial advisor, you know that having a blog is a great way to engage with prospects and current clients. Original content not only builds brand awareness and shows that you're an expert in your field, but it also provides valuable information that helps people make informed financial decisions.

What to avoid in a financial advisor?

If a financial advisor you previously trusted exhibits any of these behaviors, it is worth having a conversation with them or even considering changing advisors altogether.
  • They Ignore Your Spouse. ...
  • They Talk Down to You. ...
  • They Put Their Interests Before Yours. ...
  • They Won't Return Your Calls or Emails.

How do I start a financial planning blog?

How to start a finance blog in 6 steps
  1. Choose your finance blog niche.
  2. Select a blog maker.
  3. Choose your blog name and domain.
  4. Create and publish your finance blog posts.
  5. Promote your finance blog.
  6. Monetize your finance blog.
Oct 2, 2023

Do financial advisors need a website?

Having a website as a financial advisor is extremely important as it can be an instant way to build some credibility and help potential clients find you.

What are the social media rules for financial advisors?

All communications must be fair, balanced and complete and not omit material information. False, misleading, promissory, exaggerated or unwarranted statements or claims are prohibited.

Are financial advisors allowed to advertise?

The biggest change to the SEC Marketing Rule is the one allowing advisors to use testimonials and endorsements in advertising. Testimonials are applicable to statements from clients or private fund investors; endorsements are applicable to statements received from non-clients or private fund investors.

What is a red flag for a financial advisor?

You're Being Pressured To Act

Do they want you to sign a document or wire over a large amount of money immediately? These are all high-pressure sales tactics, according to Cates. It's a red flag if you're being pressured into making quick decisions with your money.

What is the red flag of a financial adviser?

Red Flag #1: They're not a fiduciary.

In fact, only financial advisors that hold themselves to a fiduciary standard of care must legally put your interests ahead of theirs. Meanwhile, broker-dealers, banks, and insurance companies typically hold their financial advisors to a less stringent suitability standard.

What is the hardest part of being a financial advisor?

The hardest part about being a financial advisor is often the constant need for client prospecting and business development, especially in the early stages of one's career.

What is a financial blog?

A blog devoted to covering one or more aspects of the finance industry. Blogs, or online web journals, started becoming all the rage back in the late '90s. Since then, they've permeated every aspect of online life, with topics ranging from needlepoint techniques to doomsday prepping.

Are financial blogs profitable?

A personal finance blog can help you make an income if you have a passion for teaching others how to manage their money. The top bloggers in this niche can earn over a million dollars a year through ad revenue, affiliate commissions, and selling products and services.

What is a personal finance blog?

At personal finance blogs, you'll find the tools you need to get out of debt, save up for your first home, and more. These experts offer free tips, tricks, and explanations for complex financial concepts. Here are 10 of the best personal finance blogs that could help increase your money skills.

How do I market myself as a financial advisor?

How to Build a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan [2023 update]
  1. Identify your marketing goals.
  2. Identify your target audience.
  3. Highlight what makes you different.
  4. Choose your content channels wisely.
  5. Create a budget and timeline.
  6. Implement your plan and track your results.
  7. Introduce yourself to some new marketing ideas.
Mar 8, 2023

What makes a good financial advisor website?

Your website should be designed to deliver these types of information in a way that creates leads for your services. The best financial advisor websites deliver this information in an easy access, easy to read format. The sites minimize the use of financial jargon that may confuse visitors.

Do you need CFA for financial advisor?

CFA and CFP certifications are both common for financial advisors. For prospective clients, working with an advisor who has one or the other may not make a huge difference. Both certification programs teach applicants how to handle someone's financial future.

Can financial advisors use Instagram?

About 90% of users follow at least one business account and 50% have used Instagram to discover new brands. As a financial advisor, that means you can use Instagram as a lead generation tool, not just a place to raise brand awareness.

Are financial advisors allowed to text?

For example, a firm doing fee-based financial planning for millennials might allow advisers to text with clients about their portfolios. A firm specializing in commission-based products for retirees, however, might only allow financial professionals to text each other, and not about sales or trades.

Can introverts make good financial advisors?

📈 According to a study by the Myers-Briggs Company, introverts make up 56.8% of financial professionals, while extroverts make up 43.2%. This means that there are plenty of introverted financial professionals out there who have achieved success in their field.

Can you freelance as a financial advisor?

Some part-time financial advisors may choose to become independent contractors and work with clients on a 1099 basis. That's the upside of becoming a part-time financial advisor. You have more freedom to choose how and when you want to work.

Can financial advisors have side hustles?

Any financial advisor can use a side hustle to help boost their income, career, or business – and you can get started before you even launch your own firm or finish your formal education.

Can financial advisors have Google reviews?

Google reviews are nothing new, and you've likely used them before to determine if you'll visit a new restaurant or business. However, the SEC recently changed its rulings on marketing practices for financial advisors. Now, financial advisers are allowed to use Google reviews in their marketing.

What is unprofessional behavior for financial advisor?

Unethical financial advisors usually have warning signals including inconsistent reporting to clients, product pushing, and guaranteeing future results. Ethical financial advisors prioritize learning about your personal history, explaining unfamiliar financial matters, and planning for their succession in they retire.

When should you dump your financial advisor?

Too Much Jargon And Not Enough Information

Financial advisors that throw jargon your way but can't explain in laymen's terms what's going on should throw up a red flag with you. Either the financial advisor doesn't want to or can't give you the necessary information on your investments.

What percentage should a financial advisor get?

The average fee for a financial advisor generally comes in at about 1% of the assets they are managing. Be mindful that you may still pay a higher nominal dollar as there's a higher base the percent fee is applied to.

Where can I advertise as a financial advisor?

Your current clients likely use your financial services because they trust you to make good decisions with their money. Posting financial advisor ads on Facebook that lead customers to a link with useful information is a good way to build up your credibility.


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