Is NCLEX harder than UWorld? (2024)

Is NCLEX harder than UWorld?

Is UWorld Review Course Harder than the NCLEX®? 90% of users report that UWorld's questions are the same level of difficulty or more difficult than the questions they encountered on the NCLEX.

Is studying UWorld enough to pass NCLEX?

Tying Your UWorld NCLEX Review Scores Together

Based on historical data, a student achieving these scores (close to the median) would have an over 90% likelihood of passing the NCLEX.

Is UWorld easier or harder than NCLEX Reddit?

I think the UWorld questions were quite similar to the nclex (especially the new NGN style of questions). A lot of UWorld questions are more specific (they go into more detail) but UWorld also had a lot questions that were very similar to the ones I got on the nclex.

Does UWorld and NCLEX have the same questions?

UWorld questions and NCLEX questions are similar in that they both test a nurse's knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge in clinical situations. However, UWorld questions tend to be more comprehensive and in-depth, while NCLEX questions are more focused on minimum competency and patient safety.

Is the NCLEX really as hard as they say?

Yes, the NCLEX is Hard, BUT

With some planning, it can be passed. It is easier said than done not to stress or psych yourself out.

Is 75% on UWorld good?

I've often seen differences of 10-20% among my students. So take your UWorld scores with a grain of salt. I consider any score above 75% on UWorld to be very good. I see almost nobody scoring above 85% on UWorld, even among some of my students who get almost all of the AAMC questions correct.

What percent of UWorld users pass the NCLEX?

Pass The NCLEX® The First Time With UWorld! Bi-Annual Student Survey Shows Powerful Results. Of over 21,000 nursing students, 99% of students who earned an average QBank score of 57% or “higher” on their self-assessment test passed the NCLEX®.

What is the hardest part of the NCLEX?

The Hardest Questions on the NCLEX

They may present complex clinical scenarios involving multiple patients or require you to identify the best course of action when faced with conflicting information. These questions challenge your ability to synthesize information, prioritize care, and think critically under pressure.

Does the NCLEX get harder every time you take it?

While the NCLEX exam may seem daunting on the second attempt, it's important to remember that you have already gained valuable experience and knowledge from your previous attempt. The difficulty level of the exam itself does not change based on the number of attempts.

Do most people pass the NCLEX on the first try?

But nationally, the percentage of candidates taking the NCLEX-RN exam for the first time and passing fell from 88.2% in 2019 to 80.9% last year, according to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing.

Is UWorld harder than NCLEX 2023?

Is UWorld Review Course Harder than the NCLEX®? 90% of users report that UWorld's questions are the same level of difficulty or more difficult than the questions they encountered on the NCLEX.

What is the passing score for the NCLEX 2023?

The 2023 passing standard for the NCLEX-RN is 0.00 logits and -0.18 logits for the NCLEX-PN. Want to Know the Secret to Passing the NCLEX®?

What is a good percentile rank on UWorld?

If this is your first assessment before you start studying I would say you're in an okay place. UWorld is great because they have rationale to help you learn the information. I would always just shoot for over a 65% on the assessments because that puts you in the pass/very likely on the assessment.

Is new generation NCLEX easier?

And this is what I said in my show before, if you are a high performing student, the next gen NCLEX will be much very much easier for you. But if you're in the moderate the low performing student, it might cause you to fail the exam more.

How many hours a day should I study for NCLEX?

If you feel prepared and do well on the practice tests, then two weeks may be enough time to study and refresh your knowledge. If you do study for the next gen NCLEX in two weeks, aim to spend four to six hours a day studying.

What percent of people never pass the NCLEX?

Is the NCLEX hard to pass? Since beginning the computer-adaptive test in 1995, the national NCLEX pass rate has moved between 69% and 83%. Understanding the content of the test and the process behind scoring will help candidates in their efforts to pass.

Is a 60 on UWorld good?

58-60% is OK, a good sign is being consistently above the average scores. The Uworld package I bought came with 2 assessment exams. I took the first about 1.5 weeks before my scheduled test date. Keep in mind that I had completed all of the Qbank questions by that time.

What is passing for UWorld?

Learners with an average QBank score of 56% pass the NCLEX at a 92% rate. While your average UWorld QBank score gives you important information, studying each question's explanation is the most valuable way to spend your time.

What does 48th rank mean on Uworld?

The rank is a way for the system to tell you where you fall in terms of performance as compared to the overall median of 48th. The 48th is the cumulation of the scores for all the students who are using Uworld as their study material. At 33rd rank, you are currently below the median rank.

Should I study the day before NCLEX?

Take a study exam that mimics your NCLEX two days prior

While I would not recommend doing this the day before, taking one two or three days prior to your scheduled exam can be helpful in getting a good feel for what it will be like to sit down for a long duration.

How long did you use Uworld for NCLEX?

Uworld is the best, y'all! i studied for a total of of 3 weeks for about 2 hours a day doing only about 25 questions a day. i made notes as i went along but only for topics that i was really unfamiliar with and knew i needed to study more!!

Which state is easier to pass NCLEX?

New Hampshire

New Hampshire boasts the highest NCLEX pass rate average in the U.S., over 14% higher than the national average.

Which states have the easiest NCLEX?

If you are looking for the best state for NCLEX or easiest state to pass NCLEX, here are the top 5:
  • #1 Connecticut. ...
  • #2 Montana. ...
  • #3 New York. ...
  • #4 Northern Mariana Islands. ...
  • #5 South Dakota.
Jan 20, 2022

Is the NCLEX getting harder or easier?

The short answer is no, the Next Gen NCLEX is not easier. The NGN is an enhanced version of its predecessor, with new item types and a new scoring system designed to better measure test-takers' clinical judgment skills.

Do the first 15 questions count on NCLEX?

You have up to five hours to complete the NCLEX and can expect to receive a minimum of 85 and a maximum of 150 questions. Of these, 15 are new questions that are being piloted or pretested for use on future exams and they will not be scored. The number of scored questions ranges from 70-135.


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